Immigration Medical Examinations and Vaccinations

(USCIS Form I-693)

Whenever looking for USCIS immigration doctor for yourself, friends, or family

make sure to use an experienced physician and staff in Immigration Medical Examinations.

At CMC, we aware that small errors may cause a serious delay in your USA citizenship processing; therefore, we carefully check and help our patients to complete the procedures according to USCIS requirements. 

See special offer below  

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Dr. Harris has been a Designated Civil Surgeon and CMC has been an approved USCIS facility for 25 years.

At CMC we are able to get all requirements done in one visit.*

1. Physical examination from the physician.


2. Lab work

    -  Blood drawn for tuberculosis and syphilis testing.

    -  Urine specimen for gonorrhea testing.


3. During the visit you can receive most vaccines that are required depending on your age and vaccine history

Same day appointments are often available

Please call to schedule appointment at 303-790-1999.


or Book online click here

Call us for additional availability if needed 


John C. Harris M.D.
Designated Civil Surgeon

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1.Call to schedule appointment  or book online here 

Call us for additional availability if needed

2. Visit CMC 

  • Bring in your completed I-693 form and vaccine records

  • Get physical and lab work done at CMC 

  • Get vaccines that are required at CMC


It will take around 1 hour per visit 

3.Receive Paperwork

Lab results take 1-5 days to be completed.


After ALL RESULTS AND VACCINES ARE DONE, you may pick up your sealed paperwork to submit to USCIS or bring to your lawyer.


You will get your own copy of the paperwork 

Three steps of
Immigration Physicals Exam
at CMC

USCIS does not regulate the fees charged by civil surgeons for the completion of a medical examination. 

Rates vary by physician


  • TD : $ 52

  • Tdap : $ 85

  • MMR : $ 115

  • Varicella : $ 196

  • Influenza : $ 35



Special discount up to $ 40 max


We offer $20.00 off if you pay with cash

-  An additional $20 off if you are referred by a lawyer



- an additional $20.00 off if you present the discount coupon at CMC 


*One coupon per person

Scroll down to get the coupon


Immigration Medical Exams

Package  : $350

(Physical exam and ALL Lab work are included)

Package Breakdown 

  • Physical exam

  • Quantiferon (TB Screening) 

  • Syphilis test (age appropriate)

  • Gonorrhea Test (age appropriate)

  • Chest x-ray: $ 90 (only if your tuberculosis    test is positive)

  • Paper work 

Scan the QR Code with your camera, follow the link that pops up on your screen, download

the $ 20 off coupon. Please feel free to share this with your friends and family.