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FAA Medical Certification 

For airmen who need to renew their medical certificate or applying for the first time.


CMC provides FAA physicals for First class, Second class, Third class.


If not, appointment can be made with in the same week.

Please call to schedule appointment at 303-790-1999.


See special offer below.

FAQ with Dr. Harris 

About the Examiner

Dr.Harris is a Senior Aviation Medical Examiner and a Certified Humans Intervention Specialist (HIMS). He has provided aviation physicals for the FAA since 1981. 


He and his staff keep current with FAA regulations by participating in various trainings and maintaining a close relationship with the FAA.

John C. Harris M.D.
Senior Aviation Medical Examiner

             For your appointment

                      Please bring in

- MedXpress Confirmation Number*
- Applicable medical records 

- If any medical or criminal history is reported on the MedxPress form, please call us ahead to ensure you gather all required documents.


*Each pilot must fill out MedXPress form prior to exam.

The form can be downloaded on our website at the menu " Forms" OR at the link 

Current price for FAA Physicals

First class: $175

Second class: $ 175

Third class : $ 175

EKG : $ 100

*EKG only required at age 35 and once a year after age 40 (FIRST CLASS ONLY)

Special offer

NEW patient $20 discount


- bring in a referral card with the referring company or referring pilot's name written on it.


- present a picture of the $20 off coupon*  

* Scan the QR code below with your camera, follow the link that pops up on your screen, download $ 20 off coupon.

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